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Creating in the face of Adversity!

As an Artist I know that I draw inspiration from so many different sources. Whether it be, the people around me, the places I've been, or the emotional, spiritual or physical experiences I've had, my Art and the things I create, are often influenced by the culture and the world around me. Even when I don't want it to is.

I've always considered myself to be a positive person. Although I'm very much an Introvert, I do enjoy a good conversation and the company of great friends and family more than not. I'm driven to create things that bring joy and happiness into people's lives.

However, in this current climate of "Freedom of Expression (as Long as it's Expressed the way we want you too)" I've grown a bit weary. It's been hard to create when I'm accustomed to creating from a happy place. How do you do that, when the place you're in is not so happy at the moment. Right now, in certain parts of the world and in some communities; that thing which had been perceived as protection and/or comfort has completely come crashing down, altering the realities of so many...what do you do?

Well, here's some advice for you...KEEP IT MOVING!! I do believe we must all stop and smell the roses every now and again but after you've stopped and taken a very deep breath and breathed is the sweet aroma...RUN LIKE HELL. Yes, check on family and friends, however; be in a HURRY to get back to the thing that brings you joy and fulfillment because that is what you're called to do. We have all been created to accomplish a task on the earth. It may not be as complicated as you think. My job while I'm here is the bring people together and "Make It Pretty" while I'm doing it. What happens after that is beyond me and I'm done worrying about it!! My plan for 2023 is to stay on the MOVE! If I just show up and create! and do my part, it will help the people it's supposed to help. Some things don't require that you dive so deep into. Stay out of the rabbit hole if you can. I get it there a time for everything. But I say now, IS NOT that time. Don't try to do everything just do you!!

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