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Can I get ONE LINE! Single file please.

Any good Leader knows that they

have to be a good Follower as well. There’s to many of us here for everyone to rush in all at once. We have to be organized, civilized, show compassion and love for each other. Leaders are born by understanding the strengths and weaknesses of others and getting into the proper position to use those strengths and weaknesses to be lifted up and to lift up. This means if we GET IN LINE, there will always be someone ahead of you and there will also always be someone behind you.

Now…..people are lining up everywhere. You have to know which line to get in. Some of these lines are leading to some very empty places. People are being trampled and stepped on and over, in some lines. This causes chaos and that line does not move. People are dying in this line. They’ve blocked the entrance off because a riot has broken out so now NOBODY IS GOING ANYWHERE! Some lines are like the electric slide line! It’s a PARTY GOING ON!! But y’all just shuffling forward and backward. Still not going anywhere, having a Ball but not moving.

Now, think about being in a line of people who understand the position they’re in. That if they just be patient and thought about others and themselves making it in, instead of thinking only of self. When the one in front steps up they then turn and pull up the one behind them and so on. Now I know some will not turn to help. There will be imposters. But if you can just stay there; feet planted and be patient…trust and believe there IS STILL someone ahead that will reach back for you. Even if they have to reach around the one who was supposed to help! Because they understood their position, and didn’t stray from it. They saw there was a hold up in the line so they ran back!! I’m rambling on to say this….STAY IN POSITION! Be the people in this line who will stand still, know who they are in the line, and play their position. The position is the purpose! Reach back because you remember WHO you are and WHY YOU are. You are of ONE LINE and you belong to ONE BODY! This line moves and WE ARE ALL getting in. We’re strong together because when winds blow and storms come we lock arms and stand fastened together. We’re like a wall that can’t be shaken.

Now……the riot is still going on across the way! Do not get out of position to go see what is going on over there cause you can lose your spot in line. Don’t let someone tell you to come see what’s going on, because you will be in the riot amongst the confusion. IF, you get back to your line the people who were in line with you may be gone. Now you’re in line with strangers and afraid cause you’re not sure if you should be in this line. You’re officially lost and all you can do is cry out for help for someone who knows who you are to help you back to your position.

Get in the right Lines. There is safety in numbers when you’re standing with the right ones. Be steady within your position. This will allow for the force that you are apart of to move a flow like water creating life as it should be. If the trees just decide to stop growing what would happen to the earth. If water decides to stop flowing what would happen? When you decide NOT to be what GOD has called you to be and line up what happens to us? What happens to the earth. Can anyone see? Look around you😌🙏🏽

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